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Mapping voyages to Google Earth is labor intensive. Once a voyage logbook is located, it has to be transcribed.  Data such as latitude and longitude, whale sightings, vessel gams, weather, and other notable events are then converted to Excel format, which it then uploaded to a Google fusion table.  The estimate to produce a basic Google Earth map for a typical south Atlantic whaling voyage is $1500. However, once vessels enter the Pacific Ocean, the voyages would typically last three to four years or longer. The estimated cost for these is a minimum of $3000-$4000.

Ship Caledonia (1837-1839) – $2000.  Five crew members on this voyage contracted small pox, including Peleg George, the ship’s cooper.  George was the only one of the five to die. He was buried at sea and the vessel was forced to alter its course to locate a new cooper.

Ship Ann Maria (1837-1839) – $4000.  Follow the story of Elisha Apes off the coast of New Zealand. On this voyage, Apes was transferred from the Ann Maria to the Ship Neptune.  He mutinied on the Ann Maria on her next voyage.


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